52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

18. I Had A Dream


Once upon a time, many, many years ago (about 40 years in fact), there was a man who dreamed of building a castle in the mountains of Boquete, Panama, a castle amidst the towering trees, alongside a burbling stream. He spent days, weeks, months, and years building his castle, concrete block by concrete block. The years passed by and his castle grew slowly, more slowly than his now aging body allowed. One day the man who dreamed a dream died and with him, his dream died, too. His son had no interest in completing his father’s beloved project or dwelling in a castle in the wilderness. And so it stands, so close to completion, amidst the towering trees, alongside the burbling stream, solid, stoic, marred by graffiti and age, a renowned structure which has become a photographer’s dream, a legacy to the man who once dared to dream about a castle in the mountains.




And honestly, there is a burbling stream (occasionally a raging torrent) running by. See?


9 thoughts on “18. I Had A Dream

  1. Makes me think of Solomon’s Castle near here. Sad to see that it’s not going to be finished.


  2. very nice and I can see why photographers love it!


  3. I would love to see someone buy this property and complete it in honor of his dream. It looks like such a lovely piece of property. I love the story, as sad as it is.


    • I am sure that one day his descendants will sell the property or build or tear down what remains. I would prefer to see this aging castle and be able to share a fascinating little tale for years to come of a man who built a castle, even if it was never completed.


  4. What a beautiful setting and such a sad story.


  5. I have some of those same photos…. I always wanted to hike in closer but the thought of snakes and scorpions kept me near the car! lol


    • Yes, Mindy, I wouldn’t venture out too far either. Whenever there is heavier growth, I look really carefully and hardly ever step into it, especially as I am usually wearing sandals!


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