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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

38. Ready For A Book Cover


I couldn’t resist following in the footsteps of my great uncle, James Wales Audas who wrote and illustrated “Native Trees of Australia” back in the 1930’s. The love of all things ‘flora’ seems to have been passed down to my mother who has created some amazing gardens which we as children were privileged to have played in. I grew up climbing immense trees in our back yard, hiding in them, crying when my favorite branch was cut down by the municipality as they claimed it encroached onto the road (it was the branch I hung from and swung on, for heaven’s sake!), using the vast tree in back to sneak onto the roof of the house, delighting in the fruits some of them produced in abundance, and naturally, the shade was a most welcome relief on those hot African summer days.

There are some truly spectacular trees in Panama and I simply HAVE to take drives during the time some of the trees are in blossom. This year the blooming period has been all over the place, making it difficult to decide which weekend to take our mini tree tours. The photograph I chose for this book cover, “Native Trees of Panama”, was taken later in the day when the rain clouds were gathering and the light was so pretty.

I wanted to honor my mother in this theme challenge as not only is she passionate about trees and flowers, but is also an artist, another talent she shares with her uncle. So here’s to you, Mom, and Great-Uncle James, too…long live trees all over the world!



I thought I’d include the beginning of the preface from “Native Trees of Australia” by James Wales Audas for added interest.




10 thoughts on “38. Ready For A Book Cover

  1. you really made it look like the real thing!


  2. Interesting post, Ida. It sounds like you grew up much as I did…in the trees. Nice presentation of this week’s theme.


    • We didn’t have the distraction of TV when I was growing up, Mary Nell and consequently spent most of our days outdoors. Living in an environment with many trees, we incorporated them into our play. My passion for trees is evident when I see beautiful trees cut down for development or the widening of roads as we have been seeing in Panama over the last several years; it really bothers me!


  3. Ida, this is so wonderful! A beautiful tribute to your family and a contribution to all! Wow!


    • Thanks. Jamey. It was a fun theme challenge for me. I enjoyed a beautiful Sunday drive with my wonderful husband, ate lunch at one of our favorite spots, went to Finca Dracula to see their exotic orchids, and was rewarded with these blossoming trees in such a pretty light. Win-win all around. 🙂


  4. It turned out just lovely…. well done my friend. 🙂


  5. You have always been so talented and gifted in everything you set your mind on! Just beautiful Ida! I can’t wait to experience the flora and fauna in person. See you soon!


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