52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

14. Here’s Your Sign


Within a 48 hour period of time, I snapped quick shots of 3 different signs, thinking they may just possibly fit one of the many themes left on my long list. Looking through my recent imports, my decision was made to use all 3 to fit “Here’s Your Sign” in a silly way. Having recently recovered from the effects of one of those nasty little tropical afflictions that lasted for over a couple of months, I went through several mood swings during my slow recovery. The first photo was what I was hoping for, a “Quick Fix”…to no avail; the second, “A Hole to another Universe” was a hopeful escape route to oblivion, and the third, was a poster regarding the elimination of that dreaded teeny mosquito, vector of the unpleasant virus. These signs seemed to have been made for me.





3 thoughts on “14. Here’s Your Sign

  1. Oh aren’t you the creative one! Very nice!


  2. Very nice – I am not sure I would have been as nice (or maybe I would not have been able to find signs for how I really felt – or could not publish them). Glad you are doing better.


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