52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

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3. An Expression of Love


After more than 6 weeks battling a nasty little virus, I had an afternoon when my body decided to give me a little break. I grabbed the opportunity so I could say a teeny “Thank you” to my husband who has been incredibly devoted, patient, and caring. He is a cookie-aholic, never tiring of the cookies I bake. I knew he’d be delightfully surprised with this batch…just a small expression of my love!



8 thoughts on “3. An Expression of Love

  1. About time you get off your butt and do something!!! I’m kidding! So so happy you are feeling a bit better! 🙂 Good photo… and only 2 to go! tick tock xox


  2. Glad that Mindy hasn’t been on my butt to get caught up! Haha. I’ve been shooting, just haven’t had time to post. School will be done soon and I hope to get caught caught up then. Hope you are well on your road to recovery. Six weeks is a long time!


  3. I’m sure your husband loved your expression of love in more ways than one. Unique idea and oh so “sweet.”


    • Mary Nell, my husband’s comment was, “How come you didn’t include what I said when I saw the giant heart? I said, “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!”” hahaha I must be a lousy wife if THAT’S the nicest thing I’ve ever done for him! 😀


  4. ok now I want a chocolate chip cookie.


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