52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

17. Holy Smoke!!


The strong smell of smoke and the crackling of fire definitely peeked my interest as I watched dark ashes waft into our courtyard on the strong afternoon breeze yesterday. The smoke rose grey and thick behind the houses close by with only a small creek to separate them from the increasing flames. This is the dry season in Panama and a time when the tall grasses dry rapidly from lack of moisture, gusty winds, and the intense heat of the sun. It is the season of burning, a time to replenish the ground with nutrients, or so they claim. It is a common enough practice around the world, but one that leaves tracts of blackened earth and burnt tree stumps. Here the firefighters simply guard the homes that may be threatened and leave the rest to the awesome destruction of fire.

On our way to the small mountain town of Boquete, my husband pulled over so I could take a few shots of Holy Smoke!!…or Out of Control! 🙂






2 thoughts on “17. Holy Smoke!!

  1. Cool, I mean hot, I mean I don’t miss the dry season fires! I really like the ones that have the smoke between you and the clouds. Sort of a freaky sunset feel to them! Good job!


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