52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

A2. Family


I thought I’d do a slightly different take on the theme of “Family”. In Panama there is a New Year tradition which involves the creation of life-size effigies of well-known people or family members. These effigies, called munecos, are usually prominently placed in front of homes before Christmas and left until midnight on New Year’s eve when they are set alight. The burning of the munecos symbolizes riddance of all negative aspects of life of the previous year. Gone are the troubles, failures, miseries, sorrows, bad luck, and negative energy. The bonfires enable people to begin the New Year with positive energy and a fresh start.

This particular “Family” caught my eye on a drive to the beach. I have never seen such a marvelously creative effort. I was even able to have the creators pose with their effigies. When we left the beach on New Year’s Day, the munecos were no longer there, having been sacrificed at midnight to rid the family of evil energies. Happy New Year!





6 thoughts on “A2. Family

  1. Nice story behind the image Ida.


  2. Thanks, Karen. Paul was not happy that I asked the couple in my broken Spanish if they would mind posing with the munecos. He thought it was quite brazen. lol


  3. very interesting! – be rather fun to make! you, brazen – surely not!


  4. That’s a good one! Wouldn’t have thought of that!


  5. How interesting – I love the idea if it and lovely pictures thank you.


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