52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

A1. Black and White


While at a friend’s house last weekend, we watched and rooted for the hosts’ New Orleans Saints football team.  I happened to wander into the backyard at half time with my camera. They have a beautiful home with fabulous surroundings. Fully intent on capturing some of the beauty they get to see daily, including a burbling stream tumbling over the rocks, I was distracted by the giant chess pieces and board in the yard. Consequently I ended up taking some shots of the black and white checkered board and the chessmen standing in lonely formation patiently waiting  for someone to play. 




4 thoughts on “A1. Black and White

  1. How fun! Dustin was making a set for our backyard back when he was in high school. Sadly it never made it to completion. These are great “colored” black and whites.


  2. Great shots, Ida. From what I can see of it, your friend’s backyard is lovely.


  3. The landscaping is gorgeous with lovely curves and plantings. I would really be happy sitting outside in these surroundings.


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