52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

9. Foggy


Here in the mountains of Western Panama, particularly in the area in which we live, fog often descends on us on rainy days, disguising everything in a pretty dense shroud. The other day was no exception. My husband told me to grab my camera so he could drive me around the gated community in which we live before the fog dissipated. He knew “Foggy” was one of my themes. How could he not? I have ensnared him in the challenge trap!  I snapped many publishable possibilities, but as usual, I was at a loss about which one to choose. The one I finally decided to use was taken across the road from a house that used to belong to a very dear friend who was responsible for dragging me into this challenge.




4 thoughts on “9. Foggy

  1. Great shot! Oh I remember those foggy days…. The fog would be so thick at times I couldn’t see the bocce ball court just across the street. And then an hour later it could be gone! I love that you chose to show it in black and white. It made the street lights really pop out. Poor Paul…. I knew he’d get sucked in! 😉


    • In oh so many ways! “Which one do you think I should post? Do you think this should be in black and white? Which one as a viewer do you like more? Should this be cropped? Is the wide angle better?” Poor guy, he never has a peaceful moment with me around! 😉


  2. that’s a great shot – really eerie!


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