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Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

4. Architecture


In 1999, renowned architect, Frank Gehry, envisioned and completed the design of a building that he decided to donate to the country of Panama in honor of his Panamanian wife. In 2004, work on this complex structure began. The Biodiversity Museum: Panama Bridge of Life is located on the Amador Causeway, a corridor constructed from the excavation of the Panama Canal. Due to a late start and various setbacks, construction which was supposed to be completed in 2011 has a completion date that is undetermined. The museum will house 8 exhibitions, showcasing Panama’s biodiversity, led by the Smithsonian Institute and the University of Panama. Those exhibitions are already being assembled. This is one theme that required more than a photo or two. After all, The Biodiversity Museum is the first Frank Gehry design to be erected in Latin America!


This shows the back view of the museum, visible to passing ships exiting and entering the canal.


The entrance of the museum.



Night view of the building front.



Exhibitions taking form behind the painted windows.

There is so much more to this brightly colored and angular design. Quite a showcase for the little country of Panama.


4 thoughts on “4. Architecture

  1. These shots are fascinating! Thanks for showing so many aspects of the building.


    • It’s been quite fascinating simply watching the progress, wondering if the structure would ever be completed. The end is in sight! 🙂


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