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52. What’s Cooking?


Yesterday I was honored to be invited to participate in a luncheon with WOW, a women’s group here in Boquete. The Asian inspired luncheon was held at a beautiful home in the mountains with spectacular views. The organizer, Dede, is an amateur chef, passionate about cooking and sharing that love with friends and family.  She spent many hours preparing the homemade sauces, shopping for the best ingredients (no small feat here in Panama), cooking the chicken, pork, and lobster, grilling the tuna, making wonton crisps and sticky rice, as well as ice cream and caramelized bananas before we all descended on her to dice, roll, toss, and fry, adding the finishing touches to a fabulous meal I won’t be forgetting any time soon! Unfortunately I didn’t take nearly as many photographs as I had planned. In fact one of the woman asked if I usually fry egg rolls with my camera hanging from my wrist!






Our Menu:

Sticky Rice
Crispy Wontons with Spicy Grilled Tuna
Fresh Veggie Spring Rolls with

Lobster or Chicken
 served with homemade Peanut Sauce and Thai Chili Sauce
Egg Rolls with Pork or Chicken and veggies
 served with Thai Chili Sauce or Citrus Ponzu Sauce
Asian Salad
Crispy Wontons with Wasabi Cream Cheese and Teriyaki Sesame Glaze
Homemade Ice Cream with Caramelized Bananas and Crystallized Ginger
Ginger Green Tea  

11 thoughts on “52. What’s Cooking?

  1. Yummy! Thanks for making me hungry! 🙂 And your all caught up on your posts until tomorrow!


  2. certainly a WOW – looks delicious – in the first photo what are the little “sticks” – pretty color


  3. sounds interesting and certainly looks pretty. maybe if you have time you could e-mail the recipe?


    • Haha, Patricia, the recipes definitely didn’t come from me, but it may be possible to get some of them from Dede. I don’t know if she shares.


  4. My mouth is watering while reading this blog. Sounds like a great dinner experience.


  5. Yes… Ida… I do share recipes… and I want to use some of your photos…if that is ok for my blog… hugs…d


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