52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

10. Framed


On a dark, stormy afternoon back in early 2010 while my husband and I were walking on the beach, we came across a mass of driftwood I thought was quite a tangle of natural beauty. Over the next few months, we noted its different locations and positions along this 14 km beach as the tides toyed with it. After spending a year on the Caribbean island of Antigua, we returned to Panama, but never spotted that driftwood mass until the weekend before last. It wasn’t too distant from the last place we had seen it in 2011, but definitely buried much deeper in the sand. I decided to play with it, photographing the waves through its bleached snarled roots. When looking at the results, I figured they worked for “Framed”.


And here’s the driftwood in its entirety, many of its roots ripped away and its jagged edges softened by the pounding surf, and faded by the intense sunlight over time.






8 thoughts on “10. Framed

  1. I bet the driftwood would make a beautiful frame the next time you are there photographing sunsets! 🙂


  2. Currently the driftwood is at least a 20 minute walk from the house. No telling where it will wash up next! If I photographed it at sunset, it would be rather dark by the time I had to walk back. Maybe my very accommodating husband would bring a flashlight! Ya think?!? 🙂


  3. I love driftwood, and this is a beautiful piece with many different angles. Like Mindy said, it sure would be a great piece to photograph at sunset.


  4. I see a right arm with a hand attached coming through the opening!


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