52 Weeks of Life Seen Through My Eyes

Ida's Photo Theme Challenge

1. A Hot Ride


On Sunday, while driving into Panama City (and I don’t mean the one in Florida!), I saw a Diablo Rojo, an old American school bus painted in bright colors, used for public transportation. They’re not nearly as prolific as they once were, but there are still quite a few traversing the roads outside the city.  These buses are normally jam-packed and do not have air conditioning. Therefore, these wildly painted and colorful vehicles are “A Hot Ride”!






6 thoughts on “1. A Hot Ride

  1. We do become very spoiled, don’t we? I can’t imagine being jam packed with other people in a bus with no air conditioning. Yikes!


    • I love your blog, Ida! Make it longer and more details and you might be able to publish “A South African (or an American) in Panama” eventually, sprinkled with cooking, touring and craft advice – with a real estate section for Paul, of course.


      • Thanks, Karen! I could actually title it “An African-American in Panama”. I have been trying to keep my blog less detailed for those who only want a quick description, but I would have no problem making them more detailed. And I have many, many more photos. Unfortunately I can’t use them for this challenge as some of them date back to 2005. The photos for this blog have to be current, starting in August 2013.


    • You live in Florida, Mary Nell, so you understand all about heat and humidity. Even if these buses were not jam packed, they would be extremely uncomfortable.


  2. That made me giggle. 🙂 I know there are dangerous as well, but once they are all replaced I think their bright colors and unique designs will be missed. I always had fun trying to snap photos of them in the city. I remember asking Roberto where they had them painted… I wanted to go there and take photos of the painting process. 🙂


  3. I have MANY photos of them, Mindy. When I first traveled to Panama in 2005, there were some truly gorgeous ones, painted on every side with fantastic images. They grew tamer over time, with detailed art only in the front and back. I never let one pass by without looking. 🙂


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